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My Plein Air Journey - part 1

I'm going on a road trip and decided to make it a plein air trip. I have to admit I've done only a few plein air sessions. I'm quite excited to get going!

I bought myself a Sienna Pochade box and tripod. I set it up and it looks great! The box snaps onto the tripod. We'll see how it works out in the field.

So the box holds my paints and brushes, palette knife and palette paper. There's a spot for holding wet panels.

I'm taking my Golden Open Paints. Hopefully, those give me enough working time. They stay wet about 3 hours.

I also have a backpack for other items:

Paper towel roll

Wet wipes


Sealed water pot

Extra panels (8x10 and 5x7)

Sketch pad and pencils

Small fold up seat

A few snacks

Extra water

Something to drink

I also purchased a planner with daily pages. I hope to document when and where I stop to paint. Write some details about lighting and colors. Also, a travel planner to keep track of expenses, km etc.

Very important, I sent my itinerary to my family so everyone knows my route and timeline.

Stay tuned each day this week for updates.


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