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My Plein Air Journey - part 3

I went down to English Bay Beach this morning at 6:00 am. Windy, about 8 *C. Few people out. I set up my tripod and pochade box.

Took a few pictures to remember how it looked later when I want to finish up. Painted for about 45 min. A woman stopped by and we chatted for a bit. She observed me painting and liked what was done so far. I gave her my business card. Good thing I thought to bring some, just for instances like this.

She commented that it was unusual to see live painting here. Usually there are artists set up with finished artwork for sale. I felt encouraged by our conversation for some reason!

Well, I ended up using most of the colors that I did the color charts for. It's a rough Plein Air for a first attempt (maybe 3rd attempt). The size is 8x10 and I'm okay with it. Just a little bit of Vancouver morning out on English Bay Beach.

Oh, and by the way, the woman from this morning ended up buying this one from me!


I could have prepared a bit better for my session of Plein Air. Gloves for my hands would have been nice. A heat pack, since the wind just rips through me. Being aware that a good sketch is important, both on paper and on the canvas or board.

There is sand on the beach and if you drop something

it is immediately also covered with sand.

I am pleased with the Sienna Pochade Box. Also the easel. There are many boxes out there, this is just one of them. Many boxes will be less expensive. I just chose this one because I liked the extra storage for my paints, etc. It's not for everyone.

Just keep painting. Plein Air will give you fresh air, out of doors experience. You will learn patience as well as the urgency of getting a scene down on paper or canvas, just to capture the moment that may fade from your memory.


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