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Wiring Your Painting

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

Most paintings are meant to hang on the wall. Having a painting wired professionally can cost alot of money. Especially if you have many pieces to wire. Consider doing it yourself.

If you want to get right to the video, just scroll to the bottom!

Wiring an Unframed Canvas

Materials you will need:

1. Wire. I use vinyl coated wire. It's easy on your hands and even easier to work with.

I purchase mine from Amazon for about $30 for 145 feet. It's available at art stores as well. I just like to shop online! :)

2. D-rings and screws. These are required by galleries, and most venues for showing. Do not use just a screw in the back of your painting with wire wrapped around it. Do not use a skimpy little eye hook.

I get my D-rings from Amazon or Delta Arts. The last ones were from Amazon. 100 D-rings and screws for around $10.

3. Screwdriver. A stubby ratcheting multibit screwdriver will save time and effort.

4. Needle nose pliers. A medium size pair will do the trick.

5. Wire cutters. Mid-sized and sharp enough to cut wire without much effort. I choose to have a separate tool to cut the wire. Your pliers will most likely have a built-in wire cutter. If you like that, by all means, use the pliers.

6. Measuring tool. Either a ruler or tape measure. Doesn't really matter if you work in centimeters or inches. I use inches.

7. Pencil for marking where to install the D-rings.

8. Pen or marker of your choice for writing the title of your painting on the back. Also include your name and a website if you have one. This is essential, in my mind. Tags can be lost. What you write on the back of the frame stays forever. It is a good reference for anyone hanging your work and also for the buyer.

9. A safe workspace where you can lay your painting face down. Use a towel or blanket that won't transfer a bunch of lint onto your artwork.

Watch the video below and refer to the instructions if required.


  1. Gather all the supplies listed above. Place them close at hand. Lay your painting down on a solid surface with a protective sheet or cloth to avoid scratching or damaging your painting. Sometimes I will use a carpeted floor as long as it is clean of debris.

  2. Measure the height of your painting. Measure 1/4 of the way down. Mark this with a pencil. This is just a general guideline. You will get to know how far down is too far. You don't want your painting leaning forward because the wire is too low.

  3. Take your screwdriver and screw the D-rings where you placed your marks.

  4. Place your roll of wire on one side of the painting. Take the end of the wire and put it down through the D-ring and pull the wire to the other side and bring the end up through that D-ring. So, DOWN one side and UP the other side.

  5. Form a V at the D-ring, having about 3-4 inches of wire on the short end.

  6. Hold the V with your left hand. With your right hand, take the short wire and pass it UNDER the main long wire. Then, pass it DOWN THROUGH the D-ring. Bring it UP THROUGH THE HOLE alongside of the main wire.

  7. Take your pliers and pull both wires to tighten the knot.

  8. On the other side, pull the main wire tight and form a V by kinking it at the D-ring. Cut the wire leaving 3-4 inches on the loose, short wire.

  9. Immediately roll up the remaining wire spool and push the end of the wire through the small hole on the side of the spool.

  10. With the second D-ring, repeat the process you used on the other side. Hold the V with your left hand. With your right hand, take the short wire and pass it UNDER the main long wire. Then, pass it DOWN THROUGH the D-ring. Bring it UP THROUGH THE HOLE alongside of the main wire.

  11. Now take the short wire and wind it around the long main wire. Grip the main wire with one hand and push the short, wound wire down to the D-ring. Twirl the curled wire until it tightens against the D-ring. Repeat on the other side.

  12. Don't forget to use a nice fine pen to write the title of your painting on the backside. Also put your name and a website address, if you have one.

Please watch the video


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