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My Plein Air Journey- part 2

Today was pretty busy with things in Vancouver. Plus I had to get ready for the Oilers game! I ran out of time so no painting today. So sad.

However before the game I did some color charts for a few of the colors I brought along.

The colors from top to bottom:

  1. Veridian green +white +black

  2. Quinacridone Magenta +white +black

  3. Veridian +Quinacridone Magenta +white +black

  4. Yellow Ochre +white +black

  5. Ultramarine Blue +white +black

  6. Yellow Ochre +Ultramarine Blue +white +black

  7. Cadmium Yellow Primrose +white +black

  8. Manganese Blue +white +black

  9. Cadmium Yellow Primrose +Manganese Blue +white +black

Mixing opposite colors give nice neutrals. I do really like Yellow primrose mixed with manganese blue!

White cools the color and black warms the color.

I will try to remember that when doing my landscapes.

Cooler colors farther in the distance. Warmer tones in front.


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