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After the Show

So you just finished a show. Your art was well received. You made a sale. Maybe one larger item and a few small ones.

For me, it seems that sometimes after a show I question why I continue to do them. I get all excited thinking this will be the BIG ONE! I'll finally sell that large painting I've been hauling around for the last few months! But alas, this does not happen. I may sell nothing at all! So why do I keep going?

Firstly, I enjoy creating art! I need to remind myself that I don't paint for others, I paint for myself. That's how it all started, right? If I'm lucky then others will appreciate what I've created and maybe want to have a bit of that in their home.

Secondly, I really do enjoy meeting the other artists at these shows. Some are so inspirational and I learn something from each one of them. They keep plugging along just like me!

Thirdly, I super enjoy talking to all the people who attend these shows and art walks! Their appreciation of art in general is so encouraging. So what if they don't purchase my art. We may end up having a great conversation about the art, about someone else's art, or even something totally different!

No matter what, I do always take away something positive from these shows I attend. I don't think I'll stop doing them. I'll keep making art. I'll continue to get a lot of enjoyment from it and if someone appreciates it enough to purchase it, that's an added bonus!

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