Organizations and Clubs I belong to:

  • VASA - Visual Art Studios Association - member (St. Albert, AB)

  • SAPG - St. Albert Painters Guild, second vice president (St. Albert, AB)

  • MAC - Morinville Art Club - member (Morinville, AB)

  • SWCA - Society of Western Canadian Artists - Exhibiting Member (Edmonton, AB)

  • Gallery@501 - member (Sherwood Park, AB)

  • ACACA - Alberta Community Arts Club Association - Northern Zone - member 

  • CARFAC - Alberta - member

  • Legal & District Chamber of Commerce - member


I am an emerging artist who is passionate about creating art and I strive to improve through practice and workshops.  My art is highly influenced by two seemingly different perspectives.  City vs Country.  These two perspectives battle it out for the attention of my paint brush each day!

Being born and raised in the city of Edmonton I have a love for city scenes, things that were around me while growing up.  Bridges, ravines, the oil refineries (viewed out our back window), skyscrapers and city streets will all find a way into my art eventually.

In my early 20’s I married a farmer and that took me to Sturgeon County where we reside today.  What a different way of life.  So much scenery and beauty in my own back yard! 

My father frequently took me as a child out into the countryside to snap photos and I was inevitably asked to pose in front of some abandoned house or peak outside of the window.  It was quite an adventure!  Our family “visits” to the farm involved visiting my uncle’s old vehicle collection, essentially abandoned cars and trucks.  Old abandoned houses and cars fascinate me and always find a way onto my canvas.

My art is very eclectic.  Perhaps that is what makes it an interesting collection.  I do think of it as a collection.  A collection of snippets from my life story.  Just as my life story is still being written, so too will my art collection evolve with it.